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VORTEX 2016 is pleased to present you with “RECALIBRATE”. This is an event which tests the principal knowledge that a chemical engineer requires, while dealing with a chemical plant. The event is a test of the basic chemical engineering abilities and as the name suggests, the ways  in which a situation can be dealt with or recalibrated, so that the given process is completed in an efficient and trouble-free manner.

The basic idea of the event can be summed up in the following lines:
“When you focus on problems, you’ll have more problems; when you focus on possibilities, you’ll have more opportunities.”
Designing and setting up a chemical plant are just two of the many responsibilities of a Chemical Engineer. The engineer should also be able to suggest an effective plan of action to tackle any situation keeping the technical, financial as well as the safety aspects in mind. An engineer who is proficient in tackling problems in the best possible manner with the resources available to him/her will not only be successful but also be valued as an asset for the Chemical industry.

Recalibrate is one of the principal events of VORTEX 2k15 which focuses on a technical approach and familiarizes the participant with his/her aptitude for chemical engineering.


1.The event will be conducted in three rounds.

2.Elimination round, which is a chemical engineering quiz.

3.Subjective round, involving troubleshooting problems (recognizing a flaw in the problem if present, and providing an apt solution).

4.Final round, which requires solving an advanced chemical engineering related problem and also a presentation explaining the solution. The problem statement for the same will be uploaded at the end of the subjective round.

5.Participants can participate either individually or as a teams of 2 Members.

6.A basic knowledge of MEBC, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics will be required for the appraisal of the data.

7.All questions may not be of the same weightage.

8.The Elimination round will be held in the Old IPC (Mathematics Department). Venues for the subsequent rounds will be mentioned as and when necessary


1.Use of scientific calculators is permitted.

2.Use of the internet is prohibited.

3.Keep the answers as precise as possible (if the question is not a multiple choice type of question). Extra sheets will not be provided by the organizers. They will be provided for necessary rough work.

4.Do not attempt to copy from your neighbor’s answer sheet. The questions may not be the same.

5.Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited.

6.Rules for the final round will be uploaded at the end of the subjective round.

7.The decision of the organizers and/or judges will be final and binding.

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