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Like to watch crime solving shows like NCIS, Bones, or CSI? Fancy yourself to be the next Sherlock or Robert Langdon? Are mysteries and crime your fortè? Think you have the knack to join the dots, inconspicuous to the unversed eye ?
Think you are adept  to discern the true intent behind the crime?

Here’s a chance for you to utilise your uncanny ability to piece puzzles and reveal your alter ego that has always cherished the idea of sleuthing ! Vortex 2016 presents its latest edition of CSI, and this time it's darker and edgier. Put on your thinking caps, trust your percipience and experience the thrill of crime solving like never before!


The event will consist of 3 rounds. The First Round, an elimination round, will primarily test your cognitive skills, observation, and alertness along with your general understanding of crime solving.

Based on the quality of the evidence and the aptness of the conclusions you draw, you might make it to the subsequent rounds.

(Psst..Be ready for a few surprises in the following rounds.. maybe even some legwork!)



Each team will consist of three participants.Pick 2 fellow investigators and you’re in!

Number of rounds - Three

Open to ALL UG AND PGs.

Contact us

Event heads:

Pratik Gupta:-+91 8655687314

Ruchir Agrawal:-+91 8308595969