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Management Maestro finds its place in the heart of the General Series of Vortex as it is the invigorating event that appeals to everyone. Whether one intends to pursue an MS, MBA, PhD or a job, in order to reach the summit of success one must be a good leader and orator.

If you wonder how can Management Maestro be of any help to you, here lies your answer. Be it hosting a party, budget estimation of a project, managing workplace/research lab or playing your best shot during a crisis, this event will give you all the tools required to excel in every situation. Come and prove your mettle, with a little luck you could be the next Management Maestro!!!


Management Maestro usually consists of four rounds, each adorning a different angle to test your aptitude for management.
Round 1:

A written round where pairs of 2 are expected to solve a short quiz based on logic, number crunching, comprehension and data handling skills. Based on the difficulty, a cut off score is finalized and those above the score are shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2:

The candidates are expected to participate in a group discussion for which the topic is given on the spot and hence, the round serves as a perfect test of one's awareness of current affairs and also puts to trial one’s confidence and oratorial expertise. The cream of this round is taken forward to the next round.

Round 3:

In this round, the candidates are put through real life scenarios which a CEO at a company might face. They are given resources to figure the best way out of the situation by coming with economically and practically viable solutions. The best few are put through the final test in the subsequent round.

Round 4:

This serves as the Final Round at Management Maestro and is usually a Personal Interview where the candidates are made to answer impromptu question. This interview can make even the best crack under pressure and is the ideal test that finally reveals the true maestros among the sea of managers!!!!


We propose to have four rounds, the fourth one being a Personal Interview round.

As for the first round, participants are required to contest individually or in pairs.

Participants with the best scores qualify for subsequent rounds.

This event is open for UGs and PGs. 

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