Chem Wars

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Have you ever prided yourself on being a strategic thinker? Here’s your chance to test  your talent. Chemwars is a event that combines strategy with knowledge. It requires you to merge practical thinking and decision making with theoretical knowledge of chemistry. Attack others, defend yourself, and use a variety of other power ups to make sure you are the last team standing.


The event Chemwars has three rounds:

First Round

The first round will be a pen and paper based round based on questions of organic,physical and inorganic chemistry. The questions will be of moderate difficulty level and will contain both objective and subjective questions. Depending upon the participation, a certain undisclosed number of teams will proceed to the second round. 

Second Round

The second round will be an interactive kind of round with each team being given the privilege to buy certain powerups based on the points carry forwarded from the first round to answer the posed questions. The power ups will be Block a question, Divert the question, Pointsx2, Pointsx4,etc. The top teams will qualify to the final round.

Final Round

The final round will also be an interactive round involving technical tools.
This round is a surprise and will be revealed as and in time to come.  An actual war awaits.


1.Each team can have a maximum of three participants and a minimum of two.

2.In the second round each team will be allowed a maximum of 6 power ups and so one must buy and use the powerups strategically.

3.Use of cell phones and other electronic gadgets is not permitted.

4.Teams will lose points if the answer is not given in the allotted time frame(time-keeper will be present).

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