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The Entrepreneur's Blueprint aims to bring like minded young entrepreneurs together. It is the platform where ideas are exchanged, passions are shared and networks are built. ICT, one of the premier technological institute in the country, in association with E-Cell brings to you - The Entrepreneur's Blueprint.

The idea is simple: Pitch your idea to the panel and stand a chance to win exciting awards.


1.The participants are expected to submit a one page Word document explaining their idea in brief and describing how they came up with the idea.

2.The participants will be shortlisted based on their basic idea and the selected participants will be informed via Whatsapp.

3.On the event day, the selected participants pitch their ideas in front of a panel of judges.

4.After the pitching round, StartUp 101 has organised a panel discussion where stalwarts of the startup industry will interact with the audience.

5.The results will be declared soon after the panel discussion.

Send in your entries to teb.vortex2016@gmail.com by 13th October,2016


1.The participants can form a team of maximum three members.

2.The participants are expected to cover the following points in their pitch: business model, marketing channels targeted, operations that need to be carried out on a monthly basis, how you think your idea will impact the world.

3.The timing allotted to each team is 10 minutes. In 10 minutes, the participants can explain the scope of their idea as follows : elevator pitch – 10 – 15 seconds. [describe the idea in a single concise statement]. The 30 second pitch – 30 – 60 seconds. [How will you achieve what you have stated in the elevator pitch.]. The final pitch – 5 – 8 minutes. [Details about the product/service, marketing plan, operations,etc]

4.After the pitch a Q/A session maybe held where the judges can ask questions about your idea.

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