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From Actachemica in Exergy, Chemquizes in Rasaynam to various chemistry based events, ICT has always had competitive events which have received a staggering response. Chemifuge just took it to a whole new level in VORTEX 2015 with more than 350 participants. Unlike other events, Chemifuge not only makes the participants revisit the knowledge they have gained but also forces them to amalgamate all of it to answer the questions. Besides checking your concepts in chemistry ranging from organic chemistry to nuclear chemistry, it also puts to test the robust temperament of the participants in the further rounds. The final round is one of a kind, testing how well you trust your partner in addition to your intellectual prowess.So this VORTEX, be prepared to lock horns with the chemprodigies which will force you to unleash your intellectual fire.


First round: Chemwiz is a quiz which tests your chemistry fundamentals and your overall understanding of the subject.

Second round: Chemthrust is where it gets meaner. It will involve really innovative puzzles as well as audio-visual questions.

Third round:  Chemultimatum is the real test of your talent and all the skills you possess. Your team will be split; with one of the member writing a theory paper and other performing a completely new experiment in the lab! Being the ultimate stage of the chemifuge trilogy, we suggest be ready for a twist.


2 participants per team only.

Number of rounds:3.

Open to all UGs and PGs

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