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Apothekemeans ‘Drug Store’. Drug Store is the organization in the hospital where the drugs are held till they are dispensed. Apotheke tests drug store management skills of the participant, communication skills with the consumer, handling prescriptions andsupplying the medicines accordingly.


Apotheke consists of two rounds:
First round is a Written Quiz. First round is a written test which includes questions on prescription details, ads, taglines and general knowledge on pharmaceutical products.

Second round is Drug Store Management where participants have to setup a drug store and deal with consumers. The participants will be evaluated on basis of the setup, creativity, basic knowledge about dispensing drugs, handling prescriptions and managing the drug store.


For the first round the participants are not allowed to use mobile phones at any point of time or cannot refer to books in the library.

The second round consists of teams of two. The materials and logistics required by the participants will be provided.

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Event head:
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