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An amazing, brain teasing and very informative quiz based on pharmaceutics, pharmacology, medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacognosy along with current happenings of pharma industry. Pharmwiz tests the general knowledge and application knowledge of participants through creative quizzes which are conducted in oral and written format. Quizzes promote our knowledge and Pharmwiz especially keeps us updated about pharma industry news.


Two Categories:

1) Pharmwiz Junior: For first and second year UG students.
2)Pharmwiz Senior: For third and fourth year UG as well as all PG students.

Number of rounds: 3 (for both categories)

First round comprises of a written quiz covering fundamental pharmacy subjects questions based on pharmacology, biotechnology, pharmacognosy, physical pharmacy, etc. For Pharmwiz Junior basic concepts covered under their syllabus will be included.

Second round will be a viva voce. Basic chemistry and pharma knowledge of the selected participants will be tested by the experts.

The third round will be conducted in KV auditorium which will be a buzzer round and it shall be an oral quiz.


1) Not more than two participants are allowed to be in a group for participation.
2) During all the three rounds, participants are not allowed to access any information source (internet, library, etc.)
3) Participants should refrain from asking any help to the volunteers or the coordinators.

Contact us

PG Event Head :
Mihir khambete – 9561063396

UG Event Head :
Jesal Makwana – 9167185679

CO-Ordinators :
Shakshi Singh – 8879946216Purav Shah- 9769521039